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We are proud to present this rare opportunity for guests to explore one  of America's most decorated warships, the mighty USS Edson!  One of only two Forrest Sherman-class destroyers left in the world, the Edson  proudly served America for three decades, and now has reached her final  berth in Bay City, Michigan. But even in retirement from active  service, all is not quiet on board, as many tales of unexplained  activity on the Edson have followed the ship throughout the years.  

Now, you can explore this mighty ship and attempt to learn its  secrets.  What will you find on board this piece of American history?

The Ship



Commissioned in 1958, the USS Edson was one of eighteen Forrest Sherman-class destroyers built for the U.S. Navy.  Named for Major General Merritt “Red Mike” Edson USMC (1897–1955), the Edson was built by the Bath Iron Works in Bath, Maine.  The Edson  served throughout the Vietnam War and Cold War, and fired over a million pounds earning her the motto "Three Guns, No Waiting." She also earned the name "Grey Ghost of the Vietnamese Coast."  Her active naval career came to an end in 1988 when she was  decommissioned from service and transferred to the Philadelphia Inactive Ships Maintenance Facility, where she was placed into storage.  

The Edson began her second career in 1989, when she was  transferred to the Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum in New York City to  serve as a museum ship.  In 1990, the Edson received National  Historic Landmark status.  She remained a museum ship at the ISASM until  2004, when she was returned to Philadelphia and reentered storage.   After considering proposals from various organizations, the U.S. Navy's  Naval Sea Systems Command awarded the Edson to the Saginaw Valley  Naval Ship Museum for use once more as a museum ship.  The Edson  arrived at Bay City on May 7, 2013, where she remains today.

Ghost Hunt

Public Investigations

Private Investigations

Private Investigations



When you visit the Grey Ghost of Bay City, you have a unique  opportunity to do more than experience the past - you also hunt the  unknown!

Your evening begins at 7:00 pm as your guides detail the history of the ship, as well as  some of the most notable unexplained events that have been reported over  the course of the Edson's decades of service.  Guests are then invited to stay until 3:00 am to explore the ship's vast interior at their own pace.  Many are the tales of unusual encounters and unexplainable activity throughout the years  aboard the Edson - now you can try to determine for yourself whether these tales are true or not.

They say that the ships that travel the seas are never truly at rest - are you willing to discover the truth?

Private Investigations

Private Investigations

Private Investigations



Are you a paranormal investigator or group looking for a unique  location that *you* control? 

Then book a private evening aboard the USS  Edson today!

Private ghost hunts aboard the Edson are available each Friday evening before regularly scheduled tours dates. Investigators will have  access to the ship starting at 8:00 pm and ending at 3:00 am, you then have a bunk with a mattress to sleep in until 9:00am. (Bring your own sleeping gear) Equipment not normally allowed for use during standard tours is  permitted.  All other rules governing the Grey Ghost of Bay City events remain in effect. 

Private Investigation dates may be added. Most Private Investigations start on Fridays and end on Saturdays. Please contact us  for further information or requests. 

Over Night Stay

Sleep Like the Sailors!


Do you have what it takes to stay the night aboard the Mighty USS Edson? You can now grab a bunk and sleep like the sailors! Instead of leaving at 3:00 am you can catch some ZZZ's before that long ride home! All overnight guests will need to be off the ship by 9:00am for the museum to open. There is an extra fee for the over night stay.


Special Paranormal Event! click on picture for tickets

In regard to the private ghost hunt scheduled for Saturday, June 27th aboard the USS Edson in Bay City with our special guests, John Zaffis, Kris Williams and Bill Randall.  With the continued concerns over Covid-19 virus, we are carefully monitoring this event.  At this time, there are no plans to cancel or reschedule.  We will keep you informed of any changes to the event as time progresses.  Please watch for regular email updates as the event gets closer. Take care and stay safe. Sincerely,The Grey Ghost of Bay City

Notice: Talent is subject to change due to sickness, emergencies, or production scheduling. No refunds will be given if changes in Talent occur due to these events.

2020 Public Ghost Hunts


Public Investigation starts at 7:00pm and runs to 3:00am

Tickets $45.00

Overnight option runs from 7:00pm - 9:00am see overnight info

Tickets $70.00


 Public Investigation starts at 7:00pm and runs to 3:00am
Tickets $45.00
Overnight option runs from 7:00pm - 9:00am see overnight info
Tickets $70.00

Rules and Regulations

Frequently asked questions


So what exactly does this program entail? Is this a tour?


Your evening is an opportunity to explore a historic vessel in a way  that very few people are able to do.  It is not a tour! Your evening will begin with a welcome and  guidelines of the evening. You will be briefed about the history and paranormal experiences that have been experienced on the Edson  by a group of experienced paranormal investigators who have researched  the ship and her history.  
After the briefing you will be welcomed aboard the Edson, and the hunt begins.  The Edson  becomes yours to explore at your own pace.  You may simply wish to  explore the ship and take in its details and history, or you may choose  to investigate the reports of ghostly activity.  Your event guides will  be happy to answer any questions you have about the Edson, its legacy, or paranormal techniques or experiences.

Is there any paperwork involved for the event?

 All guests must sign a copy of the Assumption of Risk agreement when checking in for the tour. 

What should I bring for the evening?

 All tour guests must wear appropriate footwear to the event (rubber soled/no-slip; no heels or open-toed shoes,  including sandals or flip-flops).  Guests who wish to participate in  the ghost hunt may wish to bring a camera and/or audio recorder, as well  as spare batteries.  ***Bringing a flashlight is strongly recommended.***   Drinks and light snacks will be available for purchase, although  guests are allowed to bring their own food and beverages.  Guests should  also dress appropriately for the weather.

Who can attend these events? Are children allowed?

 The Ghost Hunts are open to everyone 18 years of  age or older. Anyone between the ages of 14 and 17 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. No one under the age of 14 are allowed on the Ghost Hunts.  

Is this event physically demanding?

 The USS Edson, being a military ship, contains areas that require  guests pay attention or risk possible injury.  Hallways can be narrow,  as well as stairway ladders; these are also typically very steep.   Compartment doors also are raised off the ground, posing a trip hazard.   Due to its military nature, the ship is not wheelchair accessible.   Please contact event staff if you have specific questions about the ship and its layout. 

I'm a paranormal investigator - what equipment am I (or my group) allowed to bring?

 Due to the narrow passageways, and small compartments of the vessel, only hand held equipment is permitted onboard the ship.  Devices which require the running of cables  (such as stationary multi-camera systems) pose a trip hazard to other guests, and are not allowed during  Public Ghost Hunts. Teams are allowed to bring any electrical equipment using cords on a Private Ghost Hunts as they are not open to the general public.  

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